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From childhood Kennen was surrounded and fascinated by music. He started his career in theatre with performances in the Off Broadway production of Seussical, fronting bands, dancing for individual artists and performing all over the world for Disney and Universal. Influenced by predominant artists such as Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Boys II Men and Prince, Kennen takes his unique sound and filters all the elements of the music he loves, through him, to create an exciting and original sound. Inspired by Whitney and Destiny's Child's use of R&B vocals over pop instrumentals and Prince's ability to tell a story with every vocal, instrument and sound on a track, crossing genres is a core part of Kennen's process when creating. Now, with three albums under his belt, Kennen is ready to step out on his own, not to be placed in a set genre but as an ever evolving artist with a central love of his craft and music.

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